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{June 21, 2008}   15 Signs that you are addicted to Linux

Here are 15 signs that you are addicted to Linux.

  1. You bring a live CD with you whenever you’ll be using a computer away from your house.
  2. You subscribe to a Linux magazine such as Linux Journal, Linux Mag, or Linux Format
  3. Every time a friend or relative complains about their computer being slow due to spyware, adware and viruses, you tell them to install Linux.
  4. You want a Penguin for a pet.
  5. You understand what the command “mv windows /dev/null” means.
  6. Your home page is http://www.google.com/linux
  7. You subscribe to my RSS feed.
  8. You own a RTFM coffee mug.
  9. You participate in System Administrator Appreciation Day.
  10. You hang out on Freenode.
  11. You are a member of a local Linux User Group.
  12. You have installed Linux on your mom and dads computers.
  13. You know the African definition of the word Ubuntu.
  14. You know who Linus Torvalds is.
  15. You know who Hans Reiser is, and what he is accused of.

Can you think of anymore? Leave a comment and share with everyone.


:// says:

I guess I am not an addict yet.

Whenever someone has computer problems I always blame it on their OS. “Ubuntu would never do that!”

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